Outsourced Services

In addition to the extensive in-house development solutions that we provide we can also offer alternative rapid prototyping processes as well as machined components through our managed service.

To complement the 3D prints that we offer on-site we work with our selected business partner to offer a more enhanced Rapid Prototyping solution. Drawing on their expertise and the wealth of knowledge that they can provide you can have access to a comprehensive range of options to aid the development process. These services include SLA, SLS and Vacuum Casting to provide sample products that can be used to access form, fit and function of your components. This can ensure that a product is fit for purpose before committing to more expensive development or production tooling.

To further extend our range of development services we also work closely with our selected manufacturer of plastic machined components. We have the capability to machine components on site through our extensive Toolroom but due to the volume of tools going through the shop we outsource this element to our trusted partner. They have the capability to machine to a high tolerance level across a range of materials. This can be another option available to you at the development stage.

What outsourced assistance can we offer?

  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Steriolithography (SLA)
  • Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
  • Vacuum Casting
  • Machines Components

Our outsourced services are fully managed and complement the extensive options available through the development process.


Information that we would require to fully evaluate your development project includes 2D component drawings, 3D CAD data, product specification and any potential materials identified.

It can aid the development process to have the plastic injection moulder involved at the early stages of a project. This can ensure your parts are designed for manufacture and avoid the need for any major changes or alterations. We will work with you to consider the features of the component which could potentially simplify the design of the tooling without compromising the function of the part.