What We Do

Through measured investment and continuous improvement we provide a comprehensive on-site plastic mould shop delivering low to medium volume production runs. We use cutting edge moulding machines to offer a high quality thermoplastic moulding service. Our moulding technicians keep up with modern plastic processing techniques through training and are focused on process optimisation on every production run and trial. We have provided a technical moulding service to industry since we were established in 1972 and support our customers with our combined wealth of knowledge.

We are experienced in processing all high engineering grades of thermoplastics, including LDPE, HDPE, PEEK, TPE, NYLONS to name a few.  Glass filled, UV Stabilised and Flame retardant materials are also material specifications that we are widely experienced in processing.
We use 12 Injection Mould press which range from 22-280 tonne locking power with maximum shot weight of 450 grams and a range of modern ancillary equipment including , material dryers and conveyors. Customer parts are manufactured on horizontal moulding presses with computerised control and a dedicated process monitoring system. This is linked to the ERP System for greater control and traceability.

Our thermoplastic moulding division operates across a two shift pattern allowing production capacity from 7am to 11pm 5 days a week. The division also supports fully auto running production and operator run jobs for part removal or over-moulding applications.

The ERP supply chain system provides full visibility throughout the thermoplastic injection moulding and overall production process, with fully detailed bills of materials and routing operations for each individual component. A contract review is performed on all new purchase orders and the production process is controlled through inspection monitoring with dedicated quality plans for each part in the scope of our accredited quality management system.

Injection Moulding

When it comes to thermoplastic injection moulding we have years of experience and we have worked on a huge range of project types. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements today.

What are the key factors of a product trial?

• A wealth of technical experience
• Mould tooling and production on one site
• ISO9001 accreditation
• Mould trials supported by documented first article inspection
• Quality monitored from first off to final release
• All prime grades of thermoplastics processed
• Experienced with engineering materials
• Tool preventative maintenance program between runs
• Contract review on receipt of order

What industries are we strongest in?

• Medical
• Aviation
• Aerospace
• Electronics
• Marine
• Security

Our experience in high engineering thermoplastic injection moulding, including filled and unfilled grades means we can advice and support both material selection and processing in production. The range of moulding machines has been purposely stepped closely in size. This is so we can provide you with the best possible service on delivery through flexibility in production scheduling. We work with our customers to establish the best ordering a patterns be it  made to order, scheduled call offs or bespoke Kanban agreements.
If you are looking for thermoplastic injection moulding then get in touch today to discuss your requirements.