Injection Moulding Product Development

When developing a component for plastic injection moulding it is essential that your product will be fit for purpose and is designed for the intended manufacturing process. We draw on our experience and technical knowledge to support you at this early stage.

The method of development can be on cad to determine the form of the part with suitable draft for the intended surface finish identifying proposed feed points and tool split lines, by Additive Manufacturing in available methods and materials to the generic process tolerance or in-house through an array of tooling solutions to allow products to be produced in a variety of thermoplastic materials or colours.

By understanding your specific requirements we can help identify the best solution.

Additive Manufacture

Through our Additive Manufacturing supply chain partners we can  provide conceptual solutions as FDM, SLA, SLS and Vacuum Castings.

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Tooling Solutions

In-house we provide a variety of tooling solutions to allow the development of all or part of a component with the flexibility of sampling a range of thermoplastic materials or colours.

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Product Trials

The tool trial process allows you to explore various material options for your product.  Giving  better understanding of finish and performance.

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