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Estimated tooling costs

These costs are based on basic product designs with no undercut or technical product features, using a baseline grade of thermoplastics, the below tooling costs offer a range of pricing for different types of tooling in different cavitation [no. of parts per shot] and are based on manufacture in the UK within our tooling facility. Lead times referenced are from signing off approved manufacturing data for the product to be made:

Tool Type

Budgetary Tool Costs Range

Lead Time to Trial in Working Weeks

Part Owned Modular Insert System to fit a universal Pentagon owned bolster.

£2,500- £4,000

4 - 6

Basic dedicated Mould Tool, up to 2 imp or a family of parts.

£4,500- £8,000

6 - 10

Complex dedicated Mould Tool with side action movement up to 2 imp or as a family of parts.

£6,500- £12,000

8 - 12

Complex 2 to 8 imp dedicated Mould Tool specific for manufacture of one part.

£9,000- £40,000

10 - 18

Fast cycling complex multi-cavity 16 to 64 imp dedicated Mould Tools for Caps & Closure

£40,000 - upwards

12 - 24

How we can assist you…

  1. Basic product design leading to the manufacture of a component
  2. Full design for manufacture [DFM] assistance
  3. Development mould tooling options to produce components in specific or a range of materials
  4. Full production mould tooling from basic single impression through to fast cycling multi-cavity moulds
  5. Modification and Servicing of existing mould tooling
  6. Sub-contract machining services for CNC Milling, wire eroding, spark eroding and laser welding
  7. Injection Moulding production with volumes and order processes to suit your requirements
  8. Full mould shop with a range of 12 machines from 22 tonne to 280 tonne moulding shot weights of 0.5 grams up to 450 grams
  9. Production from existing mould tooling, where tooling is relocated to our facility
  10. A range of post operations including insert fitting, machining and finishing

Were we cannot assist you...

  1. We will not be able to mould your product if it is larger than 450 grams in shot weight
  2. We do not produce silicone, rubber or twin shot moulds
  3. We do not invest in customer owned projects
  4. We do not sell any of our own products and therefore do not have a catalogue
  5. We do not provide sheet plastic
  6. We do not make one off plastic components to replace household fixtures and fittings or car parts

To receive your bespoke quotation for Tooling and/or production click here and have your CAD data ready to upload!

Should you find that our scope of service does not meet your requirements on this occasion, we wish you every success in taking your project forward.

Please do come back to us again with any future projects, we would be delighted to support you.

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