Through our Additive Manufacturing supply chain partners, we can provide conceptual solutions as 3D Prints by way of FDM, SLA, SLS and Vac Castings. They can assist in assessing the fit and function of your product from the available materials and to the generic tolerances of the process.

We work with select partners to provide conceptual support through Additive Manufacture. Delivering prototype parts through 3D Print, SLA, SLS and Vacuum Casting. Transforming your CAD data into a three-dimensional product within a short period of time will allow you to fully test the market and clarify your component design prior to investing in full mould tooling.

Pentagon will support you at this stage by providing a managed service through a trusted network of suppliers.  Additive manufacturing is a fast-paced technology that does not fall within the scope of our extensive on-site injection moulding services although we fully recognise its benefits for product development.

What assistance can we provide?

• In-house basic FDM ABS prototypes
• Managed additive manufacturing service
• Trusted supply chain
• Design review
• Take the concept to mould tooling & production

What do the abbreviations stand for?

• 3D Print – Family of additive manufacturing techniques
• FDM – Fused Deposition Modelling depositing melted material in layers
• SLA – Steriolithography using photopolymerization to cure a polymer resin
• SLS – Selective Laser Sintering uses powder bed fusion to fuse sintered particles
• VacCasting – Vacuum Cast silicon moulds to produce Polyurethane castings

If you wish to take your development a step further then you should consider the added benefits of our Modular Insert Tooling system?

We can provide a variety of tooling solutions to allow the development of all or part of a component, such as a clip feature or living hinge, with the flexibility of sampling a range of thermoplastic materials or colour alternatives.