The trial phase of a project is essential to complete the final evaluation process as parts are produced in the material that is specified within the design.  This process provides a huge advantage over additive manufacturing solutions as it allows a part to be trialled in various thermoplastic materials to ascertain suitability for the final product.

Trials are undertaken by our expert setters who are widely experienced in processing high engineering grades of thermoplastics and ensure optimisation of processing conditions for part production.  Trial parts are then accessed by our Quality Inspector to ensure all specifications are met in line with the quality plan.

What are the key factors of a product trial?

• Completed from in-house tooling solutions
• Experienced mould technicians
• Process optimisation
• Ability to trial alternative materials
• Customer may be on-site for the trial
• First Article Inspection Reports (FAIR or PPAP Level 3)
• CMM capability
• Samples submitted for customer review

Why run a product trial?

• Product review for final fit and function
• Material suitability or alternatives
• Test the market
• Aesthetics of parts
• Processing parameters
• Suitability of product prior to committing to full production

Product trials are completed utilising the tooling solution that has been specified and manufactured for the project.  Technicians who are running the product trials are fully supported by our in-house toolmakers. Should there be any issues with the tooling our toolmakers can quickly intervene so that the trial process is not held up or stopped.

It is important that we fully understand the project criteria from the development process and be mindful of the full production requirements.