We provide a variety of tooling solutions to allow the development of all or part of a component with the flexibility of sampling your product in a range of thermoplastic materials or alternative colours.

This enhanced development process offers greater scope than additive manufacturing as the end component will have the required surface finish in the material of choice. This can allow you to complete a full design and function review before moving on to full production if required.

With this development option, you can also create part of a product such as a latch profile, clip feature or living hinge as examples. This can determine whether the design is fit for function within the end product before committing to the cost of production-ready tooling.

What benefits will this deliver?

• Samples in a range of thermoplastics
• Apply surface finishes
• Modular insert tooling systems
• Produce complex forms
• Fully assess product fit and function
• Bespoke production quality mould tooling

What tooling options do we offer?

• Alloy, pre-toughened steel, stainless steel or hardened tool steel
• Modular insert tooling, part-owned solution
• Basic mould tooling, alloy or pre-toughened steel
• Bespoke dedicated tooling, pre-toughened steel or fully hardened
• Complex multi-cavity tooling, fully hardened steel
• Suites of Tools

We manufacture bespoke development Mould Tooling that is fully owned and can produce finished products to production standard. This can allow for dimensional and functional adjustments to the form of the part to assist the development process and is often utilised as a single impression mould before a customer commits to multi-cavity tooling.

Bespoke tooling can offer improved temperature control over the Modular Systems and the ability to produce more complex forms.