In House Services

At Pentagon we see many components that are in the concept stage or have not had the design finalised. Many of these components will require development or further assistance given to enhance its features and to ensure it is mould-able.

Before taking the financial leap into investing in your mould tooling it is imperative to ensure that your component is fit for purpose as oversights or lack of consideration to certain areas can be costly to put right down the line.

The development of a product can encompass many areas and can be carried out in various stages. We are able to provide comprehensive support and assistance to the development of your product by offering a variety of in-house services.


What in-house assistance can we offer?

  • 3D Printing
  • Material Evaluation
  • Tooling Solutions
  • Product Trials

To fully evaluate your development requirements it is important that we are furnished with as much information as is available.This could include, 2D component drawings, 3D CAD data, product specification and any potential materials identified.


Including the injection moulder at the early stages of a project can be of great benefit to ensure your parts are designed for manufacture and avoid the need for any major changes or alterations.We will work with you to consider the features of the component which could potentially simplify the design of the tooling without compromising the function of the part.