Developing a component for plastic injection moulding can be a key stage in ensuring that your product is fit for purpose and designed for manufacture. Here at Pentagon Plastics, we are well equipped to assist you on many elements of this process.

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We can support you with the development of your product by providing:

  • In house 3D printing
  • Material advice and trials
  • Modular insert tooling systems
  • Full mould tooling solutions

We are also able to provide you with the following managed services through our trusted partners:

  • Rapid prototyping of SLA/SLS/Vacuum casting
  • Machined components
Machine operative at workPlastic plane

Stepping through your development process……

The development process covers a variety of areas and can be tailored to meet your requirements. Here on site we can provide a 3D printing service to bring your component to life. The benefits of 3D printing are that it can allow you to assess market interest in your product with a full size or scaled down fully functional representation of your finished component or assembly, in an ABS material.

It is used internally to assist our toolmakers throughout the tool building process to better understand key tool functions such as draft angles, feed points and complex shut off areas.The 3D print will also assist our mould shop technicians when optimising the injection moulding process at the initial trial stage.

In instances where a customer comes to us with a component design and an appropriate material is yet to be established, we are able to advise on suitable thermoplastic solutions. It is important that any specific requirements that are essential to the end use of the product are provided for consideration. For example this could include flammability rating, UV stability, thermal parameters and strength of component.

At Pentagon Plastics we offer our customers a bespoke Modular Insert Tooling solution where we have the ability to manufacture Insert Systems that will fit within our universal range of bolsters as well as full mould tools to assist the development stage. The Modular Inserts have some restrictions such as limited temperature control and restricted ability to produce undercuts, but offer the benefit of producing your finished component or part of a product to check key features such as fine detail areas.

MachineryBasic mould tool

Full development mould tooling solutions can be manufactured in our on-site toolroom to further enhance the service. Some of the advantages of a full mould tool are that they provide dedicated temperature control, the option of full side action movement and enhanced gating (feed point) options.

Our customers will often produce a single impression tooling solution to bring a component to market and trial various materials at the early stage of the development. Once the component fully meets the customers requirement they will often utilise these forms of tooling for full production parts until such time as they are ready to invest in full production tooling. This will often mean that multi-cavity tools are constructed to secure an improved component price or meet heightened product demand.

Managed Services

In addition to our on-site services, we have formed business collaborations with trusted partners to enable us to offer a wider scope of rapid prototyping solutions. These are beneficial if you need to prove your concept or are looking for low volume runs while component design is being reviewed or enhanced. Machined components can also be manufactured to prove a design or concept if the other prototyping options are not suitable, or to provide a low volume of finished components. Options that are available to customers include:

  • SLA (Stereolithography Apparatus)
  • SLS (Selective Laser Sintering)
  • Vacuum Casting