Modular Insert System

Having identified a gap in the market for injection mould tooling we developed our unique modular insert tooling system. The intention of this system is to provide customers with a low cost tooling solution to develop a product as well as providing a low volume tooling solution.

Plastic Injection Mould tooling can be expensive whether it is for a single impression mould tool producing one part at a time in production or a multi-cavity mould tool producing multiple parts with every shot from the Injection Moulding machine.

The modular insert system is a part owned solution that we provide our customers. This tooling option will fit within a Pentagon owned universal die set and therefore your only financial outlay is for the internal workings of your mould tool. The customer owned inserts can be produced from soft alloy, pre-toughened or fully hardened steel depending on the tool life required, complexity of the split line of the tool or customer budget.

The most cost effective form of tooling will have a simple ejection system and be straight open and shut without the need for side movements to produce cross holes or undercut features. However, it is also possible to create simple undercut features by incorporating loose inserts or side action movement if this is a necessity.

Modular-insert-system-1Modular Insert Tools

What are the advantages of using a modular insert system?

  • Low cost tooling solution
  • Reduced lead time for tool manufacture
  • Part ownership
  • Fits within a universal Pentagon owned die set
  • Range of tooling material options
  • Low volume production
  • Development of key features
  • Creation of simple undercut features
  • Process a range of thermoplastic materials

This system does have some limitations with regard to more complex features and the temperature control of the tool inserts but every effort is put into the design to optimise these key areas. For higher volume production this method of manufacture may not be a viable option.

As a guide modular insert tooling will range from £1,200 for the most basic system up to £4,500 for the most complex. The lead time for manufacture and sampling is between 3 and 6 weeks.