Design Assistance

Here at Pentagon Plastics, we offer all potential and existing customers a high level of design service to assist them throughout their project. We draw on our experiences to provide you with a depth of knowledge in relation to design for manufacture while being mindful of any individual requirements.

Our philosophy is to tailor the level of assistance we offer to your knowledge and expertise. This means there is guidance and support for those with little or no experience right through to fully competent designers. If you are looking for a full design service, we’ll put you in contact with reputable product designers who will help you develop your product. We will assist throughout the process with regard to design for plastic manufacture.

We understand a large proportion of a project’s cost is at the tooling stage. That’s why we challenge designs to achieve the most cost effective solution. Tooling configuration needs to be considered at the earliest stage. This is to ensure the tooling manufactured meets your expectations on both price and quality, whilst supporting production requirements.

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Designing a plastic productPlastic parts

How Pentagon Plastics can help your design process

  • Review the product design for manufacture
  • Source thermoplastic material for your application
  • Provide options for mould tooling configuration
  • Select the most suitable material for your mould tooling
  • Advise on the most efficient number of cavities based on your production volume
  • Advise on the optimum feed position for manufacture and aesthetics
  • Optimise the manufacturing process to meet your production requirements

The path to product design for manufacture

Many of our customers have very competent designers for plastic moulded parts. However, we will still offer advice as required and challenge any areas where we believe savings may be possible. Fully detailed mould tools or modular insert systems are designed from the most suitable material. This provides you with a quality product that meets your production demands whilst achieving the tool life that you require.

We also support those who have produced a 3D CAD Model (or have had one produced on their behalf) but need help ensuring the part is suitable for the plastic injection moulding process. This can encompass changes to the design to make features more cost effective to produce, advice on material selection and number of product impressions within your tooling to achieve optimum component price.

BolsterSolidworks design software

Guidance and design advice is provided to those with little or no injection moulding experience and with only a sketch or concept. This can often help during the early stages when designing your product for manufacture. It can also help evaluate the commercial feasibility of your injection moulding project.

To aid the design process we utilise Solidworks, Mastercam, Autocad and 3D Printing technology from our site here in Horsham, West Sussex.