Our experienced designers will evaluate your product from an ease of manufacture perspective and challenge those areas that may benefit from being simplified. When we review your part we consider the complexity and type of Mould Tool that will achieve a high level of repeatability.

Your injection moulder should be involved at the earliest stage to ensure the part is suitably designed for the moulding process, meets the project specification and takes in to account key design elements. It is important that your design is protected and we would recommend a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is in place.

What assistance can we provide?

• Thermoplastic material selection
• Design for manufacture (DFM)
• Development of component
• Mould tooling options
• Production method

What elements do we consider on receipt of a new project?

• Customer Part Specification
• Part Geometry (undercut feature)
• Feed Position and type
• Surface finishes / Suitable draft angles
• Tool split lines
• Ejection system for part removal
• Post moulding requirements

The level of assistance we offer will depend on the status of a project and the level of involvement that the customer requires. Whether you are at the initial concept stage or have a fully designed and specified product we can be of assistance and work with you as a trusted partner.