The choice of thermoplastic moulding material is a key element in a part being suitable for its intended application. We can provide support drawing on our own technical knowledge and processing experience partnering with our trusted raw material suppliers.

Due consideration must be given to the mechanical characteristics, moulding process, cost per kilo and material availability.

Over specification of materials is best avoided as it could compromise production costs, lead times and tool steel selection making the project more complex and involved than may be necessary.

What assistance can we provide?

• Technical knowledge
• Processing expertise
• Sourcing through our supply chain
• Full traceability and supporting documentation
• Certified materials

What elements do we consider?

• Melt Temperature
• Thermal Stability
• Tensile Strength
• Impact Resistance
• Chemical Resistance
• Conductivity
• Shrinkage Rate
• Required Additives

Materials generally have different properties that will affect the strength and function of the final part, these properties also dictate the parameters used in processing these materials.

Each material requires a different set of processing parameters for injection moulding including the melt temperature, fill speed, pressure, shrinkage and mould temperature.