Would you consider plastic injection moulding for your next low volume project?

Oct 13, 2023

If the answer is no and it is because the initial tooling costs are off putting, think again. Development tooling can be an effective low-cost option for the early production stages or low volume requirements of your next plastic injection moulding project.

Investment into full bespoke mould tooling can indeed be a costly option and potentially prohibitive from a project getting over the start line, however our part owned option may just be the tooling solution that you are looking for. Development tooling will allow you to produce your product in the thermoplastic of choice compatible with its end use.

Additive manufacturing has many benefits, however material options may be limited, and you may not be achieving the exacting standards of repeatability that you ideally require. Development tooling can be manufactured in as little as 4 to 6 weeks and allows you to produce your product in your thermoplastic material of choice, also delivering the versatility of being able to trial your product indifferent material options should you still be in the product development stage of a project. Due to the soft nature of the aluminium or the pre-toughened steels used, machining can be quick, and the tooling solution allows for small design changes to be made to your product ensuring that your part can be tweaked to produce a suitable standard finished component.

Production from development tooling can be from as little as one off all the way up to the low thousands depending on demand and with the tooling costs starting from as little as £2,500 this could be a much more achievable way to bring your product to market through injection moulding.

As with everything that seems too good to be true there is a catch, this form of mould tooling is only suitable for products that fall within a footprint of 100mm square. If your have a project that you think would be suitable for Development tooling and would like to know more about this part owned tooling solution or would like to receive a quotation for an existing part design, contact us now on 01403 264397 or email your component CAD data and production requirements to sales@pentagonplastics.co.uk.

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