A real rise in the demand for UK manufacture of stoma care products

Jan 6, 2021

Since 1984 we have been heavily involved in the production and development of ostomy products and fluid draining components.  This area of the healthcare sector has been one of our key repeat production lines for many years and has provided tremendous growth.  

We work closely with our customers in all sectors, lending our experience and know how to assist in the development of their products through to production. Our general experience has certainly helped in the medical sector and our specific experience in ostomy has allowed us to provide support to companies developing a range of one- and two-piece stoma care solutions.

Confidentiality remains an integral part of our service and using our experience to develop key medical products is very rewarding especially when you truly understand the positive change it can make to a user’s life.

Recent events have bought unprecedented change and manufacturers specifically providing key products into the medical industry have become paramount as the industry continues to support the NHS.

Since the beginning of the year we have seen a major increase in the level of new enquiries for stoma care and other key medical products here at Pentagon and recently the demand for the respirator and ventilator components we mould has exploded.

Holding ISO9001:2015 certification across both our moulding and toolmaking services, combined with our extensive experience in medical moulding, we are well placed to support businesses as they look to bring their product ranges to market.

Pentagon’s moulding technicians are highly skilled in the processing of a wide range of medical grade thermoplastics and are fully supported by our network of key material suppliers.

At these very difficult times it is encouraging to see the level of customer interest grow in UK manufacturing services and we are confident that this is a true indication of a changing tide which will see many industries thrive once again in Great Britain.

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