Pentagon, supporting staff through attainment of professional qualification

May 4, 2023

Pentagon has always looked where possible to promote from within as an advancing position becomes available and staff members display the right kind of aptitude and expertise for a role needing to be filled.  The business is committed to upskilling staff and facilitating career progression wherever possible.

Training is an essential part of both the individuals career progression and the continued success and longevity of the business.  As the company continues to experience growth in all areas, employee headcount is growing at pace as is the volume of work going through both the Tooling and Moulding Divisions of the company. We must therefore equip ourselves with the required skills not only on a technical engineering level but also through management and leadership.

Pentagon is acutely aware of its business responsibility to ensure staff are suitably trained at all levels, to effectively manage the demands of their individual roles, meet customer demand, sustain high-end customer service levels, drive business growth through expertise and informed decision making and contribute to the sustainability within the local community and wider plastics industry. Pentagon is investing heavily in Professional qualifications for their team with a mutual commitment between employee and the business as studying for any professional qualification takes time, focus and consistency.

As in any business some roles have a larger impact on the overall operation than others and it is imperative to equip those in roles of responsibility and niche manufacturing expertise with the adequate and ongoing training support to successfully deliver on and advance business objectives.

Anyone in the plastics manufacturing industry will know that recruitment for our sector can be challenging, with supposedly ‘dark arts’ such as Mould Toolmaking largely unsupported within the education system over many years moulders such as us face a difficult skills gap.  Geographical location of course is a contributing factor for recruitment, being in the leafy area of West Sussex this part of the country is not seen as particularly industrial!

Proud to be one of the few UK moulders with full capacity for both bespoke mould tool manufacture and plastic injection moulding, growing skills from within the organisation is a must. Committed to providing upskilling through internal training combined with individualistic training courses for specialist roles within the organisation we are future proofing both our work force and our business.

Ensuring that semiskilled workers within the business can develop within their roles and increase earning potential we operate a Performance Related Pay structure.  This bespoke framework is mutually beneficial as employees increase their operation skills to cover broader business practices, we are developing a flexible work force within the production team which supports manufacturing demand.  Employees can enjoy more versatility to the working day as they grow skills to flex between packing duties, machine operating, and post moulding added value operations while enhancing earnings as a result.

For more specialist roles within the business, we are fully supportive of those looking to achieve professional qualifications and broaden their knowledge of their work-related processes.  With the support of educational bodies such as The Polymer Training Centre, DPG and Quality Management & Training, Pentagon is currently supporting professional qualification training for members of staff in Mould Setting, HR,  Quality Management and Management and Leadership.  Investing in individual development supports process improvement, improved culture, equality, and sustainability.  Other training investment areas for this year alone include functional computer literacy via local colleges, bespoke machine operation (engineering) and Health and Safety training through industry affiliation bodies.

Our people are at the very heart of all our processes and without continued investment in training and personal professional development through all levels we would not be able to sustain our traction of growth.  

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