Pentagon Plastics makes significant investment in Setter Training

May 27, 2021

This month three of Pentagon’s skilled Mould Setters will be attending a 4-day training course with The Polymer Training and Innovation Centre.

Investment in staff

Our setters are highly experienced and have been with the business for a number of years. With the increasing demand on the business for technical moulding it was determined that the business would benefit from increasing their skill level even further.

The course that will be undertaken is the Injection Moulding Technology Part 3. In order to qualify for this course candidates have to demonstrate existing knowledge levels through either passing the IMT2 assessment, having achieved NVQ level 2, or having completed the pre-course questionnaire with a passing score of over 70% or above.

High-level skills

The course is specifically designed to address the needs of those running high-level skills in configuring and optimising the injection moulding process. With the aim to provide delegates with in-depth knowledge of the injection moulding process in order to competently and safely set up a range of moulding machines to achieve a specified product quality and output rate.

At the end of the course, delegates will have obtained their Polymer Processing Certificate level 3.

Pentagon Plastics have made major investment in their business over a number of years and understand that enhancing the skill set of their team is crucial to the ongoing success of the business.

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