Pentagon Plastics Group received prestigious Investment in Young People award

May 10, 2019

It is with great pride that Pentagon Plastics announces the attainment of the nationally recognised Investment in Young People award in association with the Sussex Chamber of Commerce.  

This award comes as an accolade to the sustained and continued efforts of the business in supporting young people and those in education.  Pentagon has shown on-going dedication to working with young people on many levels through a wide range of engagement channels.

Fully recognising its responsibilities as a medium size employer within the manufacturing and engineering sector the group provides regular opportunities for student site visits and work experience placements.  Delivering insight in to both business and process for those considering and studying for future careers within our industry sector.

Taking in to account the changes with the education system and the limited accessibility for students to access careers advise, the team engage with local Sussex schools and take part in careers assemblies and associated events.  Focusing on highlighting the potential of multi-level career opportunities available within engineering and manufacturing.

The group gives time through STEM to work along side the workforce of tomorrow and help build upon employability skills that could benefit young people as they move forward in their careers while highlighting the excitement and diversity of the polymer processing and engineering industry.

Supporting the outstanding work of the British PlasticsFederation (BPF) and their Polymer Zone the group shares information on recycling and sustainability with local schools and colleges. As well as highlighting the educational aids and career prospects with in polymer processing.

By building strong relationships with local Schools,Colleges and Universities Pentagon is working hard to help bridge the skills gap within industry and mould our workforce of the future.

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