Pentagon cuts the tape and moves to sustainable packaging solutions

Oct 5, 2022

With continued commitment to improving our business sustainability and focusing on our environmental improvement initiatives we have made the switch! With thanks to the support of Actionpoint Group we are switching from plastic to paper packaging tape.

As part of Pentagon’s far reaching sustainability agenda the change in packing tape is one of the numerous sustainability initiatives that we are implementing.

Switching to this self-adhesive tape from Actionpoint’s Eden Range of eco-friendly packaging solutions allows us to use less tape, while continuing to ensure that products reach our customers securely packaged. The paper tape is fully recyclable and allows our customers to fully dispose of the packaging via means of recycling as opposed to generating plastic waste.

Aesthetically pleasing too this tape is an all-round win and the despatch team here at Pentagon are pleased to be making this positive environmental change.

Other environmental initiatives currently under consideration here at Pentagon are installation of car charging points for Electronic Vehicles, installation of hand dryers to replace the use of paper towels and purchase order consolidation to reduce carbon emissions.  

Understanding that sustainability is a far-reaching agenda which encompasses environmental, social, and economic aspects, we are also taking steps to develop employability skills investing in staff training to increase workplace skills and support career progression.  Looking forward we anticipate growth in our manufacturing business over the coming years that will deliver the need for increased staffing levels which will deliver increased employment opportunities and community growth in the local area.

If you are looking for support to move over to sustainable packaging alternatives, we would recommend you reach out to the Actionpoint team.

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