Two new plastic injection moulding machines for Pentagon Plastics

It is with much excitement that we announce the addition of not one but TWO new plastic injection moulding machines here at Pentagon.

At the beginning of June 2016 we took delivery of the two new injection moulding machines from our long term and trusted supplier Premier Moulding Machinery.

The first of the new machines is a MARS MAII 900/300 Universal which is a 90 tonne hybrid moulding machine that replaces an older hydraulic one of similar capacity; this new machine will deliver a good rate of energy saving to the business over the coming years.

The second machine is a ZERES ZE1200/430 which comes as an addition to the current plant machinery and takes Pentagon’s on-site machine count from 9 up to 10. The new 120 tonne press will help cater for the increasing mid-range production demand, especially in the medical moulding sector.

Through well managed accounts and monitored cash flow Pentagon has been able to self-fund this recent £95,000 investment and this sees the final addition to the overall £425,000 re-investment programme that has been carried out over the last 4 years at their premises.

As a thriving UK manufacturer of bespoke plastic components we are delighted to be setting ourselves up for a strong future within our diverse industry.