Tool Modifications and Refurbishments

Many of our customers look to adapt their existing tooling to enhance product designs, which negates the need for further investment in new tooling solutions. Modifying existing mould tools to produce up issued products or refurbishment of existing tools can optimise your tooling investment.

Our experienced Toolmakers are fully competent in all forms of tool construction and can deliver the simplest through to the most complex of tool modifications.This is a service we offer whether your tool is manufactured on site or inherited from one of your alternative suppliers.

tool modification machine

The tool maintenance program that we provide between every production run ensures that your mould tooling is ready for production but also enables us to identify any wear issues at the earliest possible opportunity.

At Pentagon we understand that it is not always commercially viable to invest in new tooling for every change made to a product to enhance its design or function. We are therefore committed to maintaining your tooling to the highest standard.

mould tool refurbishmentTools

What are the benefits?

  • Optimise your tooling investment
  • Extend the life of your mould tool
  • Maintain product quality through production
  • Maximise mould tool efficiency
  • Simple through to complex modifications
  • Tool maintenance program between runs
  • Early identification of potential wear issues

Providing a full on-site Toolmaking service delivers a competitive edge over many of our industry peers and allows us to support all you mould tooling requirements.