Skills shortage in the Plastic Mould Tooling…

Here at Pentagon Plastics we take great pride in operating a fully equipped Toolroom that manufactures a range of high quality injection mould tools that are bespoke to our Customers requirements. This is a key element in the service we offer to the Plastic Injection Moulding sector and the department fully supports our production Mould Shop.

Being a UK Manufacturer has not always been the easiest career path to take with many ups and downs including biting recessions and the emergence of low cost European and Far Eastern outlets for Customers to explore. We have survived for 40 years by concentrating on what we do best which in essence is make stuff!!

At the same time as being a challenge it is also an incredibly interesting and rewarding career path…..

As a business we are looking forward with renewed vigour and are currently setting the infrastructure for the next chapter in our history. In doing this one huge hurdle is in front of us and that is a lack of skilled engineers that can serve our industry.

At a time when engineering was at it’s knees our area lost a lot of skilled people to Gatwick Airport as it was seen as a way to earn more money through shift working than staying in Industry. That coupled with a large number of engineering based companies shutting and the lack of Company investment into training and apprenticeships has meant that we are now seeing a huge shortfall in the number of skilled workers.

Our particular requirement is for Plastic Injection Mould Toolmakers and skilled Mould Setters. We run a Toolroom with 5 fully trained, apprentice served guys and a Mould Shop with 3 trained Setters. The average age of our Mould Setters is 40 whilst the average age of the Toolmakers is 60 with 1 already passed retirement age and 1 very nearly there.

The big issue is the lack of response especially for Toolmakers when a job advert is placed. We are currently expanding our Toolroom and Moulding facility so early next year will be looking to recruit skilled personnel knowing that they might not be out there……!!!

Engineering is a highly skilled occupation that used to be held in high regard and we need to get back to those days if UK Manufacturing is to continue the growth that we are currently witnessing. UK Manufacturing is strong we just don’t have enough skilled people to serve the demand….

We want to encourage Schools and career advisers to look at the opportunities that now present themselves and also encourage other manufacturers like us to start to look at introducing apprenticeship schemes especially the larger organisations.

This is a subject close to our hearts and we look forward to blogging about what we are doing @pentagonPIM to start giving back and encouraging our industry to thrive…..

Tip Of The Week:
If you have a child of School age who is not sure on their particular career path then encourage them to look at the different opportunities available in Engineering. There is a skill shortage so there is high demand!!!!

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend……..