Repair &


To support our customers bespoke products and other moulders tooling issues we provide a full repair and modification service often including process trials or pre-production runs to prove the work completed. Our engineers work closely with our tool technicians to provide solutions for repairs and modifications so they can be completed in a timely manner in a method to prolong the life of a tool.

Repairs may be required when damage occurs in production or there is evidence of wear issues extending the life of a tool. With state of the art laser welding capabilities and a full tooling facility we can build up damaged areas for re-machining or re-instate damaged areas by inserting tooling sections.

We understand that it is not always commercially viable to invest in new tooling for every change made to a product when enhancing its design or function.  Our engineers support you by drawing on their extensive knowledge to identify methods of modifying your tool to facilitate up issued products maximising your investment.

How do we support repairs and modifications?

• Experienced tool technicians
• Assessment of mod or repair with moulding technician
• Advise customer on best method of manufacture
• In-house laser welding
• Full on-site toolroom
• Tool trialling up to 280 tonne press

What are the benefits?

• Optimise your tooling investment
• Extend the life of your mould tool
• Maintain product quality through production
• Maximise mould tool efficiency
• Simple through to complex repairs and modifications

Many of our customers look to adapt their tooling to enhance product designs or modify existing mould tools to produce up issued products. We are also experienced in the repair of existing tools when there is a breakdown or to re-instate cavities that may have been turned off in production due to cavity damage or perhaps water leaks. By supporting these issues we can help to maximise your tooling investment.

Often a repair or modification is coupled with a full mould tool service to extend the life of the tool by replacing areas that may cause production leaks and cleaning the plates to improve vents and shut outs.