How many things do we use every day that are made from Plastic Injection Moulding?

Nov 17, 2021

Have you ever considered all the everyday items in your home that are produced using plastic injection moulding? Do you associate this form of manufacturing process purely to technical or industrial industries and products?

There are many things both in and out of the home which we use daily that are manufactured through this process, enabling exacting repeatability for low to high volume products.

Can you think of just 5 things in your home that might be produced in this way?

We will give you a little head start here: light switches, kitchen utensils, electrical unit housing such as doorbell units, fuse box casing and TV remotes. Toothbrushes, bottle caps, buckets, storage box’s furniture components, phone cases, baby safety products, toys, personal hygiene products, cosmetics casing to name but a few.

And what about outside the home? Hop into your car and you will find that much of it both internal and external is manufactured through the moulding process, including the seats!

Do you use an inhaler, Children’s medicine syringe, Epi Pen? Many medicine dispenser units or casings are manufactured in this way.

Ever needed hospital treatment? A large amount of the equipment used in hospitals, on the beds, in theatres, medication dispensers all require injection moulded components of one form or other. Sometimes these are individual items and sometimes they are smaller parts that go into an assembly of components to produce product such as a ventilator system.

Injection moulding is a widely utilised form of plastics processing used across a vast range of industry sectors; medical, aviation, automotive, rail, construction, security, electrical, furniture, lighting, toys, packaging and many more.

The versatility and repeatability of this form of plastics manufacture allows for production of very small and intricate products to the very large. The scope of polymer available ensures that all products that are manufactured meet the specific requirements of their end use.

When you really think about it moulded products are used in pretty much all aspects of our day to day lives in one form or another.

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