Gratitude comes in the form of a Lunch Van!

Mar 8, 2023

The last few months have seen a huge spike in production demand and for the first time in Pentagon history, the company added a defined nightshift over several months to help facilitate supply.

Pentagon usually operates a two shift pattern of days and evenings but late in 2022 a third night shift was added.  The Moulding Division team have been incredibly flexible to the business needs with members volunteering to move onto the night shift to ensure we apply a consistent level of technical moulding skill and production operating experience across the three shifts.  Having the team evenly spread over the 24hour production operation, we utilized the support of Temp workers to fill any resourcing gaps in packing or production operating.

The start of 2023 has been an exciting mix as we have flexed our business services to cater for demand while maintaining our rigorous quality standards, production control and service levels.  We would not have been able to cater for our customers increased production needs if it wasn’t for the flexibility, positivity and commitment from the entire workforce.

By way of recognition and appreciation, we arranged for local caterers ‘Truffles Bakery’ to provide everyone with lunch on the company. Truffles Lunch Van arrived on site fully stocked with a fabulous selection of meal combinations to choose from and the friendly staff delivered exceptional catering services.

Not to forget the efforts of the staff on the evening and night shifts, Pizzas will be arriving to ensure everyone goes home with a full belly and a big dose of business gratitude.

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