A positive increase in demand for recycled polymers

Jun 16, 2021

Pentagon are seeing strong growth in the consumption of recycled polymers for non-critical parts.

Here at Pentagon, we produce customer bespoke products.  Although we offer material advice to customers who are still in the design phase of a project, specified material options are usually in place by the time a project comes to us for review and quotation.  Often due to the technical nature of these mouldings, for example in the medical and aviation sector, customers will specify a high engineering grade of virgin thermoplastic material so recycled polymers are not acceptable due the risk of contamination in the product.

Following recent internal analysis, we are delighted to see that since 2019 we have seen a 50% increase year on year in the consumption of recycled polymers within our moulding division specifically in low cost and construction parts.  The recycled polymers that we are seeing the most increase in are ABS and Polypropylene.

In line with this is it also notable that a higher volume of new enquiries looks to run production of their products in recycled or biopolymers.  This is a really encouraging sign that long term sustainability and the wider environmental impacts are being considered at the early stages of product design.  

As a responsible plastics manufacturer we are keen to continue with this positive trend and increase the use of recycled materials within our mould shop.  We are confident that by raising awareness of the environmental impact designers will turn to recycled and biopolymers where the product environment and usage allows.

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