Outsourced Services

Injection Moulding is not always a fully automated process as machine operators may be required at the press and operations may have to be completed outside of the production cycle.

At Pentagon we realise that customers can require additional services to produce their finished components. This can be to reduce initial cost to meet a particular budget or to achieve a feature which cannot be completed in standard tool configurations.


As a business it would not be cost effective to us to bring every additional moulding service required in house if they are not high frequency or the core element to our business. However we do want to ensure that we meet our customers’ needs wherever possible and to this end we are able to provide a range of out-sourced fully managed post moulding services:


On occasion a component will require an additional paint finish to be applied to the moulded product.


Products moulded particularly for the electronics industry can require EMC Shielding.


Products moulded for various industries can require an additional coating application.

Ultrasonic Welding

A method of joining parts together that require a permanent fix.

Laser Etching

For the permanent marking of a component, for example, to add batch numbers or specific detail.


There are various applications to print on to a product such as Tampo and screen printing.

Digital Printing

To achieve a quality printed finish digital printing is now becoming more widely used.