In-house Services

Injection moulding is not always a fully automated process as machine operators may be required at the press and operations may have to be completed outside of the production cycle.

Toolsprocesses being completed out of production cycle

At Pentagon we realise that customers can require additional services to produce their finished components. This can be to reduce initial cost to meet a particular budget or to achieve a feature which cannot be completed in standard tool configurations.

In-house moulding processfine detailing

In response to this increasing requirement we are able to provide a range of in-house post moulding services:


Bespoke packaging procedures are followed to customer requirements in our dedicated packing department.


Fitting of Brass or Steel threaded inserts by means of heat staking, interference fits or tapping techniques.


The process of adding holes that may be too small to mould or are too costly to incorporate into the tool configuration.


The process of creating slot, cut outs or hole features that cannot be completed by drilling.


This is the removal of surplus stock material to achieve a particular tolerance or surface finish.


For the removal of surplus material by hand or linishing techniques to achieve the final finish required.


The two services offered are Wax Infill by means smoothing warm wax into an indented area (lettering or logo) or simple paint techniques giving a clear visual image on the finished part.

Bead Blasting

The process of removing surface deposits by applying fine glass beads at a high pressure without damaging the surface of the component.

Light Assembly

Our team are able to carry out light assembly duties when a finished component is made up of more than one part that need to be fitted together.