Pentagon Plastics considering collabration with local University….

Welcome to our new Blog site that has been re-designed and configured to sit alongside our website. This continues the pro-active approach and information sharing philosphy adopted by the business over recent months.

Our Blogs have moved to twice a week and we hope will continue to be an interesting read on general Company updates and issues for discussion that we feel are important not only within our specific Industry but also for a wider audience…

This week has seen us visit the University of Brighton to get a better understanding of how we might be able to work with each other in the future. We enjoyed a very open and frank discussion both on how Industry can play it’s part in helping the University but likewise how the University can offer SME’s more than just a high class education for it’s students.

It was interesting to hear that the University offers many courses, specific to the Plastic Injection Moulding sector that we serve, that our staff could take advantage of. We have had the mis-conception that we could only consider the more prominent bodies in the Polymer Industry so this was quite an eye opener and the depth of the courses seems to fit very well with the requirements we might have in the future.

The University kindly gave us a tour of the Product Design, Creative Studios and Engineering departments and we were impressed with the kit that they offered their students and the philosphy of encouraging them to be hands on in their learning. We observed synergy with our own services and there maybe opportunies to explore with regard to offering students real customer design projects that can be taken right through the process from concept and prototyping at the University to the production cycle at our site including manufacture of Mould Tooling and the repeat production of the plastic parts being produced on our in-house Injection Moulding pressses. This coupled with talks to the Students either at the University or in our place of business could really assist them in breaking out of the classroom environment and into Industry with a greater depth of knowledge and experience.

We came away from the visit with our heads buzzing full of ideas and not only on how the University can assist us but also how we can assist the students. A Product Design student placement for a 12 month period is a real possibility going forward….

This visit has got us thinking about work experience placement for secondary school pupils as well to try and grab their attention early by showing them the opportunities that exist in working for a small to medium size engineering based business. UK manufacturing is as strong as it has been for many years but there is a real skills gap that has to be addressed. It is the responsibility of education boards, government and employers alike to try and sell the sector to young people as a worthwhile and rewarding career option….

It is definitely food for thought and an area we will be giving due consideration to over the coming months…..

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Tip of the Week:

Don’t expect students to know what opportunities are out there for them if you don’t tell them about your industry.

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