Material Consideration

It is important that the choice of raw material is given due consideration as it is a key element to produce your finished component. There are a multitude of material options available which are developed to meet specific needs. Specifying the correct thermoplastic to suit your injection moulded applications is essential.

We would recommend that over specification of material is avoided as you will incur greater production costs for the more technically advanced material grades, which could also compromise the tool steel selected for manufacture. Due consideration must be given to mechanical characteristics, moulding properties and resin cost.

The raw material that is defined for your finished part needs to meet the specification of the final product. Thermoplastics have different properties that will affect the final part, these properties also dictate the parameters used in processing the materials.  Each material requires a different set of control parameters in the injection moulding process which includes the melt temperature, fill speed, pressure and mould temperature. Our injection mould setters are highly experienced in virtually all types of thermoplastic material from commodity plastics to filled and unfilled engineering grades.


Areas for you to consider when selecting a material?

  • Melt Temperature
  • Thermal Stability
  • Tensile Strength
  • Impact Resistance
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Shrinkage
  • Conductivity
  • UV Stability
  • Flammability
  • Colour

Our areas for consideration for processing

  • Flow rate of material to fill the mould
  • Distortion potential
  • Wall section consistency to prevent voids and sinks
  • Shut off of tool to avoid flashing
  • Ease of ejection from mould tool

We work with our network of trusted suppliers who provide a high level of technical support to assist us with the material selection process. Should you require assistance in identifying the most suitable material for your application we can provide a wealth of in-house knowledge and experience to ensure the success of your product.