& Servicing  


It is vital that any tooling investment is maintained and serviced at regular intervals to ensure that production demands can be met and that the tool continues to function in an acceptable manner. We will report any wear issues identified at this stage through our preventative maintenance program.

Preventative maintenance can help to avoid breakdowns and extend the life of tool which is why we include it in the component prices that we quote for production. When a wear issue does occur or the tool has completed many cycles our highly skilled team of tool technicians deliver exceptional maintenance and servicing programmes to enhance the life of your mould tool.

A tool service would usually include a complete strip and clean, replacement of all sealing items and a tool assessment to highlight any concerns.

What is covered in a service?

• Assessment of last off products
• Strip down all areas of the mould tool
• Tool assessment to identify concerns
• Replace O-rings and water plugs
• Clean all plates in our chemical bath
• Re-assemble the mould tool
• Lubricate and product the faces
• Report highlighting concerns if applicable

What are the benefits?

• Extend the life of your mould tool
• Maintain product quality through production
• Maximise mould tool efficiency
• Reduce the impact of corrosion
• Early identification of potential wear issues
• Reduces the likely hood of breakdowns.

Working closely with the customer we can schedule work to be completed at mutually convenient times meeting both our capacity and your production demand. To further support customers we can offer a tool servicing program were we allocate you a set number of hours each month that can be used to service individual tooling or to schedule a suite of tools.

Do you have a mould tool that is in need of maintenance or routine service?  We can book you in, call now on 01403 264397