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London South Bank University Site Visit

Pentagon Plastics and Phoenix Engineering bring education out of the classroom and into the real world of UK manufacturing……

On Tuesday 14th February Pentagon Plastics opened its doors to 22 final year BSc Engineering Product Design students from London South Bank University along with their course tutor, Barney Townsend.

On arrival attendees were given a presentation from company MD, Paul Edwards which consisted of a company overview for both Pentagon Plastics and Phoenix Engineering and a detailed explanation of the services that are provided across the two group companies. Paul then offered an insightful look into design for plastic injection moulding with regard to both product and tooling.

University Students, Group Photo

Students attending are currently working on a course project to design a cost-effective, yet innovative and engaging promotional item for a consumer brand of their choice, that will be primarily manufactured through polymer injection moulding’’. The students were encouraged to ask questions throughout the session to enhance their current course content and as they engaged an even deeper knowledge and understanding was achieved.

Following on from this lecture style presentation the students were able to tour both the factory at Pentagon and the work shop at Phoenix to further add to their understanding of UK manufacture for injection moulding. Moving freely throughout the working areas with our skilled staff on hand to explain processes and answer questions to improve the students’ knowledge.

It is an absolute pleasure to be able to host events such as these and be able to share the expertise and vast skill set that our industry boasts whilst helping to broaden the understanding of the Engineers of tomorrow who will go on to play a key role in the future of our industry.

Site visit

Following on from the University trip lecturer,  Barney Townsend said, “Thank you so much for a really fascinating visit yesterday. The students were overwhelmed by the time you took to share a huge amount of detailed information with them. All of it real-world experience that they couldn’t possibly get from me or from a textbook. I’m sure we’ll see a definite improvement in the outcomes of their projects as a result!”

Initiatives such as these are incredibly rewarding as a business to both staff and attendees alike. Much can be learnt in a class room, but stepping into the real life environment of where things are made and the expert knowledge that it takes to make so many of the ‘throw away’ items of today is invaluable.

Gabby Day, Business Development says, “Anyone working in UK manufacturing today is only too aware of the real and current skills gap that we face and we are confident that by enhancing educational experiences and by raising awareness of the potential future career opportunities available we will help encourage the next wave of UK engineers to carry us forward.  This is why our group companies Pentagon Plastics and Phoenix Engineering will be looking to broaden the net in offering educational trips such as these to not only university students but also those of school age moving forward.”