The importance of internal process reviews

It is very important as a manufacturing business (and indeed any business) that we carryout regular reviews on our processes to ensure that we are running as efficiently as possible. Identifying areas for improvement or change to ensure that we continue to deliver the service expected by our customers.

For us here at Pentagon over the last 9 months we have been looking in detail at each area of our business, both manufacturing and office based, to ensure that the operations and processes that we have in place are as simple and efficient as possible.

It is easy to become complacent at times with the good old philosophy of ‘that’s the way it’s always been done’ but that does not mean that there is not room for improvement…….

As a manufacturer of UK tooling and injection moulding it is imperative that our internal processes are effective and efficient to help us control costs, maintain order deadlines and customer requirements. As our machinery and IT technologies evolve along with our growing workforce we are keen to ensure that we are running as smart as possible to avoid time delays, double entering and unnecessary expenditure.

By carrying out detailed internal process reviews we can be confident that the flow of manufacture and paperwork are streamlined, which in turn improves the lines of communication both internally and externally.

Process Review

Holding and maintaining process maps for all key functions of the business ensures that our service level agreements are maintained in times of staff absence and being a small business some members of staff have many hats and these documents are vital to cover those roles.

In reviewing all working areas of our business we continue to identify better working practice than we have operated previously which has been of great benefit to our company, along with adopting the principals of LEAN manufacture.

It is important for a business such as ours to adapt and be able to change and streamline processes to aid business growth, after all if you stand still you will soon be overtaken……

It is not just major changes that can be of benefit to a business anyone can benefit from adopting the ethos below which is something we always work to:

’you can achieve optimal performance by the aggregation of marginal gains. It means finding a 1 per cent margin for improvement in everything you do.’’ – Quote: Dave Brailsford