Looking Ahead

The future looks bright for our UK based manufacturing company, as we have enjoyed steady growth over our many years of trading. In recent times we have seen a change in tide for both the toolmaking and injection moulding sectors, as many businesses look to claw back control and reduce both lead times and shipping costs by re-shoring manufacture of their products back to the UK. This will only bolster the already thriving UK and European markets we serve.

To support the growing demand from our customer base and allow us to take on new projects, we have implemented a full Supply Chain Management system which has given our business enhanced visibility and control of our production. Realising the increased demand through the whole supply chain network, it was essential that we enhanced our stock control capabilities, to provide full lot traceability and gain more control over the manufacturing process. Enhanced BOM’s and dedicated Routings for every item we produce to customer specification has assisted us to develop a more efficient flow to production.

Paul Edwards at deskPentagon's meeting room

Our business plan identified the need to expand our manufacturing facilities to continue to service our growing customer base.Having regained a significant amount of factory space which had previously been sub-let we have undergone a major reinvestment program in our internal facilities.

Improvements have been widespread throughout our business including office and meeting rooms, inspection, packing, post moulding and storage facilities.Possibly the most eye catching enhancement to our Horsham based facility is our on-site Toolroom which is now housed in a vast, clean and modern environment allowing our engineers to enjoy their skilled work in a bright and well equipped environment.

This has provided the catalyst for the on-going improvement throughout our facility and the light open feel that has been created can now be seen in packing, post moulding and tool storage.

Taking in to account customer confidentiality, health and safety, the need for visibility throughout our manufacturing processes and to improve communication at every stage we have created a visually engaging environment.

By embracing modern marketing strategies we look to gain further reach into the industry’s that we serve while opening avenues to those companies that could benefit from the services that we offer.

With a focus on continuous improvement going forward we want to provide a pro-active yet responsive service for our customers and be the injection moulder of choice for their manufactured components. It is our philosophy to improve the service we offer for the benefit of our customer base which can then be offered to prospects when they are discussing new projects with us.

We understand that you cannot stand still and view staff development through training and advancing their roles along with marketing strategies and the evolution of our process as key to our future success.