About Us

Founded in 1972 the business has steadily grown from humble begins offering product development and low volume production from basic tooling. Pentagon Plastics serves customers who want to take their bespoke products through and beyond the development stage offering a complete plastic injection moulding service.

Our service includes design assistance, mould tool manufacture and repeat supply of production mouldings including post moulding operations. The experience of our staff and dedication to continuous improvement has seen us become a well-respected technical moulder within the Polymer Industry.

Pentagon buildingPentagon's office

From our freehold site in Horsham we deliver a fully accredited ISO9001 quality management system to control both raw materials and finished products. This ensures that your injection mouldings are manufactured to meet your own specific requirements within our repeatable and traceable quality standards.

In 2014 we introduced a complete Supply Chain Management system. This provides greater control of the manufacturing process across the range of services we offer. Fully detailed BOM’s, dedicated Routings and full Stock Control allows complete visibility of our internal processes, giving confidence to our customers that we will always deliver their components within the timescales required.

Pentagon's warehousePentagon Plastics in action

At Pentagon we have a culture for continuous improvement throughout the business and challenge our processes and procedures regularly to the benefit of our customers. Our dedicated team work in collaboration with our experienced staff to support lean manufacturing processes in all areas while being agile enough to react to exceptional requests.