Product Review

To support you through your project we use our depth of experience and technical knowledge to provide a high level of design assistance. We fully appreciate that confidentiality is key in bringing products to the market and if we aren’t already an approved supplier to you then we would be happy to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). As we don’t market any of our own products you can also trust that your designs will be protected.

The initial review will take into account the material that has been selected for your component and evaluate the design of the part to ensure that it is compatible with our injection moulding capabilities. At this stage we will also consider the method of production that will be best suited to your individual application as well as any potential packaging requirements.


What assistance can we provide?

  • Plastic material selection
  • Evaluation of product design
  • Suggest changes for ease of manufacture
  • Method of production
  • Suitable packaging

What elements do we consider on receipt of a new product?

  • Part geometry
  • Undercut features
  • How we can split the product for manufacture
  • Acceptable feed positions
  • Surface finish to be applied
  • Acceptable draft angles
  • Post moulding requirements

As your trusted partner we believe in challenging designs to achieve the most cost effective solution for your requirements as we understand that a large proportion of cost is at the tooling stage. We see it as our responsibility to ensure that parts that we quote are designed in a way that is conducive to the injection moulding process and can be tooled within the price constraints of a project where possible.

The level of assistance we offer will depend on the status of a project and level of involvement that the customer requires. We would however encourage you to involve your injection moulder at the earliest stage in the design process to ensure the part is designed for the moulding process.

Whether you are at the initial concept stage or have a fully designed and specified product we can be of assistance and work with you as a trusted partner.