PDM 2013 was a fantastic event!

Hello again from all at Pentagon HQ!…

We hope that this week has been good to you all?

This week saw us exhibit at our first Polymer Industry event and it was nothing short of brilliant and in true Pentagon style we want to share the experience with you…..

We arrived at the event on Monday 17th, ready to set up the stand and feeling really positive about the next two days. Initial impressions of the venue were fantastic. Sleek, modern and spacious with red carpet laid out in the walk ways.

On arrival, it was a hive of activity. Display machinery being moved in, furniture and lighting being assembled and display stands being put together. Our initial take on our position was that it was a good space but a little dark so we made an on the spot decision to have two spot lights added to the stand to give a brighter and more welcoming appearance.

We quickly dressed our stand and put together a real eye catcher of a Display Case which received great comments, showing a wide range of products from our Medical components to Flower Cutters to Electrical Housings. What also turned out to be a great talking point with visitors was our Modular Insert Tool and Basic Mould Tool which we placed on the bottom shelf so as not to break the glass shelves!!
After over an hour and a half of organising and arranging we were confident that we were ready for the main event…

We arrived at the venue in good time on Tuesday morning, allowing time to have a walk round to get our bearings and have a chance to see who else was exhibiting. We managed to briefly catch up with a few familiar faces such as PMM, Ultra Polymers, Velox, Elasto and DMS to name but a few!
After scooping up a couple of free coffees courtesy of the PDM organisers we were good to go. There was a real buzz of anticipation as the event opened and all eyes turned to the entrance to gauge the initial foot fall….

We had visitors from the start and interest was rife so we were able to speak with some engaging new prospects. Lines of enquiry were varied from the movement of tooling from existing suppliers from both overseas and in the UK, to new projects that were at the end of design ready to go into tooling and production.

We had a bit of a shock when our spot lights started to fizz and subsequently go out at random times, causing us to call for an engineer to replace a faulty connection.

We were approached by a good number of material suppliers some who we already use and some that we have not dealt nor possibly heard of before. Suppliers of recycled plastics seem to be prevalent at the moment and we were able to pick up an extensive amount of information from them. With Don’s imminent departure this information could not have come at a better time as we begin putting together detailed information on who can supply what materials going forward.

We were also approached by people who had heard of us through our social media channels and recognised for our SBS Award back in March this year. There was also much interest on how we set ourselves up on social media as other businesses where looking to follow suit!

Our Mould Shop management team came up to the event on Tuesday to source new contacts as well as reaffirm existing ones for the Mould Shop moving forward and it was great to see some of our team members representing Pentagon.

It was encouraging that we were approached by representatives of PRW, BPR and Design Engineering (Eureka) magazine who all expressed interest in working with us more in the future and sharing in our development as we move forward.

We had a really interesting conversation with the Gauge & Toolmaking Association (GTMA) when they visited our stand and it was great to share views on this particular topic, mostly regarding the ageing skills set and what is being done to address this to keep UK manufacturing moving forward. They were enthused by the youthful appearance of such a well established business and commented on how approachable we were.

Foot fall did seem to lessen around 2pm but we still had occasional enquiries through the last few hours. By 5pm our feet were aching and mouths were dry so what better way to relax than the after show party where Telford got to show off some of its finest food and drink. We spent a good couple of hours networking with other exhibitors such as Sandretto and Ultra Polymers amongst others.
The second day was much like the first with a whirlwind of visitors with exciting projects that they are looking to move forward in the near future. Thankfully we still had some coffee vouchers left to keep us going!

One of our Directors who is soon to retire also came up to say farewell to a few of his long standing contacts, not letting him get away without a last stint of manning the stand we took an opportunity to go and speak with existing and potential suppliers as well as grabbing some lunch…..

One of the prospects also enquired as to the possibility of us assisting in the marketing of their product. Although this is not a service that we offer we are confident that we do have contacts that will help them in this area and is food for thought for the future should customers be requiring this additional service.

We also got to have great talks with Hasco and build on relations to help us move forward.
We were kept busy for the best part of the day but come 3pm it was evident that the number of visitors were decreasing. Some other exhibitors took this as a flag to start the breakdown of their stands, however as exhibitors we believe that you need to stay present and focused for the duration of the event so we did not follow suit…low and behold, just a few minutes before the show closed at 4pm we were approached for information by what were to be our final visitors of the event. Just shows, it pays to stay until the very end!

Over the two days we had some fantastic feedback on our fresh look and modern company image. Our embroidered logo clothing also received some very positive comments, giving our representatives a sharp and professional image.

All in all it was a great event to source new prospects, build relations with Suppliers and build awareness of our business and services…

Tip Of the Week:
When exhibiting don’t breakdown early as you never know what opportunities you may have missed!

From Pentagon HQ have a great weekend!