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Our Basic Mould Tool service in more detail

Hi everyone from Pentagon HQ…..

This week we are returning to our educational look at the Tooling Services and Tool Types available from our on-site UK Toolroom.

We have previously given a brief overview of the full Tooling Service available and then a detailed breakdown of the Modular Insert Systems we provide as a low cost entry, development or speed to market vehicle. This week focuses on our Basic Mould Tool systems and it’s merits.

Our Basic Mould Tool solution is a Customer fully owned option which means the tool is portable. Therefore the onus is on us to provide a high level of service at a competitive price.

The Basic Tools are manufactured from bought in soft alloy or steel bolster sets. As with Modular Insert Systems the most cost effective injection mould tools are straight open and shut however loose inserts or very basic side actions can be incorporated to produce side holes, latch features or small undercuts.

A Basic Tool will often have the form of the product cut directly into the core & cavity plates to keep cost down. Our recommendation in these instances is to supply the tool plate in a P20 pre-toughened steel to extend the tool life and reduce wear & tear issues.

This form of tooling will allow for improved temperature controller over a Modular System as dedicated waterways can be designed in to the bolster set. The Basic Tool can mould parts in many non filled thermoplastic materials such as Polypropylene, Polyethylene, ABS & Nylon as an example but would not be recommended for filled materials or harder plastics like Polycarbonate or PEEK.

Once the Basic Tool is paid for by the Customer we then hold it on-site in Horsham and complete routine preventative maintenance between repeat production runs.

Our next Tooling Blog will detail our High Quality Tooling options that will produce high volume production or mould more abrasive materials…

Tip of the Week:

Never run before you can walk or after drinking alcohol!…

Thanks for reading and have a great week from everyone at Pentagon HQ.