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Injection moulding section title image

Plastic Injection Moulding


Our plastic injection moulding service is long established and tailored to meet the demands of our extensive customer base.

The Injection Mould Shop offers a comprehensive range of injection moulding machines maintained to a high standard and is supported with regular structured investment.

The machine range offered has been purposely stepped in size from 22 tonne up to 280 tonne clamp force to assist scheduling so we can provide our customers with the best possible service on delivery. Most of the mould tools we have manufactured will fit on at least two machine types to further assist the scheduling process.

The on-site facility is manned by competent and experienced staff and is capable of running operator or fully automatic production.

Full Service Offered:

  • Tool Trials : On on-site tooling or customer held tools.
  • Development : An extension to the standard Tool Trials.
  • Materials : Vast processing experience in most thermoplastic materials.
  • Production : Low through to high volume production.
  • Quality : Production monitored from first off through to final release.
  • Supply : Tailored to meet customer expectations.
  • Secondary Operations : Dedicated 2nd op’s area to support the moulding process.

Plastic Injection Moulded Parts